November 12
OJSC MTZ TRANSMASH placed publication in Eurorail Magazine.

April the 20th
On the 20th of April, in “Radisson Royal” hotel, DEPO Computers introduced their firmware complex, which was create with use of Intel, Cisco, Citrix, Double-Take, trend Micro and Samsung developments.
JSC MTZ TRANSMASH was presented by Dmitry Volkov.

April the 22nd
A workmanship competition

April the 11th
Brake and pneumatic equipment of the diesel-locomotive shunter ТЭМ ТМХ.
The diesel-locomotive shunter ТЭМ ТМХ exploitation is envisaged at the roads 1520 mm widthway, that is why its brake system should be technological obeyed.

March the 2nd
EurasiaRail 2011 — Eurasian international railway exhibition
At the beginning of the March the biggest Eurasian railway exhibition EurasiaRail took place in Ankara (Turkey) ANFA Altinpark exhibition centre. JSC MTZ TRANSMASH has taken part in this show.

April the 20th
DEPO Computers Forum “IT-infrastructure 2011. The 1st scene”

At the 20th of April at the Radisson Royal Hotel conference hall DEPO Computers showed its firmware complex which was create with use of Intel, Cisco, Citrix, Double-Take, trend Micro and Samsung developments. DEPO Computers forum generated great interest of IT-specialists and superintendents.

Test Engineering Area was attracted the greatest attention. During the day the participants were testing solutions in Demo-zone as well as they had an opportunity to ask questions to DEPO Computers specialists with the framework of the reports and discussions, devoted to the IT-branches key trends: business-processes integrity assurance, informational safety, IT-structures’ withstandability to accidents.

DEPO Computers negotiated for our company a system integration project, which included SAP ERP-system reaming conversion and quotient cloud creation. At the forum the project was presented by Dmitry Volkov (the IT-control commander)

“Speaking in front of the audience – specialists of small and mean companies, I accented attention to new available technologies for Russian companies, as well as to effectiveness of these technologies in real business. At the start line of the project MTZ TRANSMASH рассчитывал much amend its IT to consolidate positions at the international area, and, I think, we did it. Our recourses are conjoined and centrally operated; we have got perfect opportunities for scaling and fast growth without great cost; increased the effectiveness of IT services.

Taking part in this forum, I got an opportunity to exchange the experience with my colleagues, who were interested in course of the project, its results, and difficulties with the embedding of new technologies. It is important to observe another peculiarity of participation in given forum – experience exchange was undergoing in maximum comfortable atmosphere: participants could personally test the equipment in demo-zone, chat with technological leaders; at the same time reports were listened to – there all the guests could find answers on many theoretic questions. In total, I think, that the forum turned into a professional club, from which everybody could achieve a heap of useful knowledge and praxis, which, I am sure, will be incorporated in daily work process.

April the 22nd, 2011
A workmanship competition

At the 22nd of April there was a workmanship competition inter turners, millers and locksmiths, consecrated to 90th anniversary of domestic brake system building. This competition consisted of two stages: theoretic and practical. As winners were avowed:

Among turners:
1st place – Averin L.V
2nd place – Grachov E.V.
3rd place – Ozdonoev V.B

Among millers:
1st place – Liaskin D.U.
2nd place – Simonov A.A.
3rd place – Grigoriev A.P.

Among locksmiths:
1st place – Dedov A.A.
2nd place – Lalaev I.S.
3rd place – Smirnov A.B.

April the 11th
ТЭМ ТМХ diesel-locomotive shunters’ brake and pneumatic equipment.

An article “New types of brake and pneumatic equipment for ТЭМ ТМХ diesel locomotive, made by JSK MTZ TRANSMASH” was published in “Locomotive Inform” magazine №3, 2011, Ukraine.

Eurasian international brake exhibition EurasiaRail 2011.

At the beginning of the March the biggest Eurasian railway exhibition EurasiaRail took place in Ankara (Turkey) ANFA Altinpark exhibition centre. JSK MTZ TRANSMASH has taken part in this show.
Ankara, Turkish transport industry, is an ideal place for international exhibition EurasiaRail. This exhibition is directed to the railway output producers and constituency. Here stays headquarters, pertinent more than 220 transport companies.

Thanks to its geographical position, Turkey is able to develop economic co-operation with Europe and EC countries, with Central Asia and Caucasian countries. At the same time Turkey is a keyboard commercial centre. Building high-speed railways and Marmarai tunnel makes Turkey a profitable transport point between Europe and Asia.

This exhibition was dedicated to rolling stocks, легкорельсовый транспорт, infrastructure technologies and logistics, innovation elements, haulers and transport systems.

Among participants were government representatives, rolling stock producers, companies, specialized on railway technologies, motorization, signal systems, railway travel safety, etc… There were such companies as Siemens, ALSTOM, ANSALDO, VOSSLOH, DAKO-CZ, THALES, HYUNDAI, ROTEM, ELECTROTERMIT and many others.

The importance of this exhibition is underscored with the fact, that Turkish transport minister Binali Jyldyrym and the head of national rail ways Suleiman Karaman attended at its opening. They visited TRANSMASH workbench and they were interested in Russian braking apparatus.

In TRANSMASH exposure as a serial production were shown:
— diffuser 483A-03 ;
— motorman crane 230D with a function of allocated brake control;
— locomotive 224D auxiliary brake crane;
— backup control crane 025A.

Turkish railway equipment producers and suppliers, specifically, lady Nezahat Amir (EMIRLER firm general manager) and Mr. Hilmi Basturk (an acting director of TULOMSAS Company) transacted a conversation with JSK MTZ TRANSMASH head-office.

In the course of this conversation Turkish side noted high technological activities and reliability of Russian equipment in comparison with Western analogs. They expressed requests to see MTZ TRANSMASH production in the Turkish marker. Though, it must be preceded with UIC certificate recovery.

The exposure of our company generated keen interest not only from Turkish side, but also from the direction of other representatives of international railroad community.

Undoubtedly, it is the stimulus to further participation JSK MTZ TRANSMASH in international exhibitions of this scale.