JSC “Russian Railways”

It is one of the biggest railway companies with a vast amount of cargo and passenger traffic. This company has high financial ratings, qualified specialists, big scientific and technical base and considerable experience in international cooperation.

It is the Russian market leader in transport engineering. The company's enterprises produce main and industrial locomotives, main and shunting diesel locomotives and marine diesel engines, trucks and passenger cars, electric cars and subway, rail buses, car casting, etc.

JSC “Scientific Production Corporation Uralvagonzavod” is a unique multi-engineering complex in Russia. It produces military vehicles, road-building machines, full metal open wagons, special cars, tank cars, etc. “Uralvagonzavod” is an epoch in the history of domestic tank production.
JSC «Транспневматика»

It is a diversified enterprise, engaged in the development and manufacture of compressors and pneumatic devices, braking systems for railway rolling stock, subway and city transport.
Sinara Group

It is a diversified company that would bring together different sectors. Priority business areas of the Group are the transport engineering, financial services, real estate development.
CC Tula Works РТИ

It is one of the leading enterprises in Russian Federation, which create rubber technical products.

Moscow State University of Transport and Communication

Implementation of a coherent scientific, technical, industrial and commercial activities to the saturation of the commodity market of railway technology, improve its consumer characteristics and competitiveness. It is a leading research organization for the development of new technologies in the field of rail transport.
Ural State University of Transport and Communication

Study and construction of parts and components of the rolling stock, improvement of maintenance and repair and automation of brakes management regimes.
Rostov State University of transport and Communication

It is the leading Russian company, which produces subway wagons, trucks and armored tracked vehicles.

It is a rapidly growing company in the field of transport engineering. The company produced wagons of the new constructions 61-4170, which realize the most advanced technologies in the domestic passenger car building.
JSC “Демиховский машиностроительный завод”

It is Russian parent company of the development and mass production of AC/DC electric commuter and regional posts. JSC “DMZ” produces more than 80% of all trains, manufactured in our country.

Bryansk Engineering Plant is the largest enterprise of transport engineering and one of the oldest enterprises in Russia. The plant develops and produces trunk and shunting diesel locomotives, freight wagons, ship diesel engines, etс.
JSC “Kolomna Works”

Kolomna Works is the largest enterprise in Russia specializing inrailway and energy engineering. Production at the plant based onown developments.

The company is engaged in projection traveling arrangementsand tools for repairing railway track.

JSC Torzhok Carriage Works is a versatile company with extensive experience and capabilities in car building.
CC “Вагонмаш”

This company is engaged in manufacture passenger cars for the railroads, locomotives and rolling stock for subway.
JSC ХК “Лугансктепловоз”

It is the largest company in Ukraine, specialized in production ofmain-line freight locomotives, AC/DC electric trains, dieseltrains with locomotive traction.
JSC “Izhevsk RadioWorks”

The Group of Companies JSC "Izhevsk RadioWorks” is a diversified company engaged in developing and manufacturing the following products:
Equipment FEC
energy efficiency and automation,
Rail automation and communications,
navigation systems,
space telemetry,
warning systems.
JSC “Friteks”

Open Joint Stock Company “The plant of friction and heat-resistant materials” is the largestmanufacturer of sealing materials and products from them,friction linings, brake linings and pads. Products are manufactured for all domestic cars and trucks and buses, as well as for railway wagons and subway trains.

All-Russian Research and Design Institute is the largest electric locomotive industry institutes in Russia. This is the onlydeveloper in the country commercially produced locomotives on electricity, which has a strong scientific, technical and intellectual capacity.

Open Joint Stock Company "Scientific Research and Design-Technological Institute of the rolling stock” is a subsidiary of JSCRussian Railways. The Institute develops and implementscomponents and assemblies for new and in-service locomotives,freight wagons and track cars.

Open Joint Stock Company "Scientific Research and DesignInstitute of Information, Automation and Communication on Railway Transport” is a leading company in the field of informatization, automation and communication in railway transport.
LLC “АВП-technology”

The corporation solves the problems of increasing the economic efficiency of rail transport through the implementation on itsenterprises new equipment and advanced technologies.
 STC “Вагон-Тормоз”

The company is engaged in scientific research and development works and maintenance of diagnostic equipment.
СС “Нейроком”

The company specializes in developing and manufacturingsystems of transport security.
 LLC “НПО Снаут”

The company carries out maintenance work on locomotive safety equipment on Sverdlovsk railway rolling stock (in the depot Sverdlovsk-sorting).

Sectoral Implementation Centre is the center of implementation new equipment and advancedtechnologies in the rail industry. The Centre is engaged inproviding communication between the developer and the consumer, the organization setting up large-scale production and widespread introduction of the newest developments.

This is one of the leading worldwide suppliers of brake systemsfor trucks and rail vehicles.

Czech Moravian commercial company carries out repairs,modernization and reconstruction of rail traction rolling stock.
CC “Камоцци Пневматика”

The company offers a comprehensive supply pneumatic equipment. It carries out technical consultations and makes recommendations on the application.
JSC “Lyskovsky Electrotechnical

Joint Stock Company Lyskovsky Electrotechnical Works is a leading producer of autotractor electrical equipment for a complete set of automobile and tractor factories in Russia andCIS countries.
CC МК Трансмаш

In 1992, the Inter-Republican concern Transmash converted into a private limited company Interstate concern Transmash. Itslargest shareholders are the enterprises track engineering, the oldest enterprises in Russia, whose more than a century history is inseparable from the development of rail transport in Russia.
LLC “Marathon”

The firm develops and manufactures complicated digital and digital-analog technology contracts with government andnongovernmental customers. The company “Marathon”offers contract manufacturing of electronics. In the field of printed circuit boards, it specializes inthe design and efficiency of manufacturing small and mediumbatches of high quality printed circuit boards of any complexity.
LLC “Fastwell”

The company specializes in the design of electronic equipmentfor АСУ ТП and embedded applications, as well as contract manufacturing of electronic equipment.
Koltunov and Partners

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