JSC MTZ TRANSMASH — the leader in domestic brake production. The joint-stock company MTZ TRANSMASH develops and produces brake equipment for all types of freight and passenger carriages, locomotives, motor coach rolling-stock, high speed and extra high-speed trains and rolling-stock for underground railways.

In the course of its activity the company has accumulated vast know how, formed а research base, intensive business contacts both with colleagues and foreign partners.

Due to the high technological level, quality and reliability of its products MTZ TRANSMASH remains a recognized leader in the area of brake manufacture.

The history of the Moscow brake factory is а history domestic brake manufacture. It started off began in 1915, when during the first world war the artillery factory producing ammunition was evacuated from Riga to Moscow.

In early 20-ies the experts of the railway transport began to closely study the subjects related to the creation of brake systems taking into account the railroad operating conditions of the country. It was decided to establish an enterprise for domestic manufacture of brake equipment.
On November 17, 1921 the «Electrosila» plant (that was the former name of MTZ TRANSMASH ) began to produce the first brake devices for railway transport.

MTZ TRANSMASH has managed to withstand competition with such industry leaders as the American «Westinhouse» and German «Kunze Knorr» plants due to ingenious developments of domestic designers.

«George Stevenson gave mankind а steel horse, but it is the Russian engine driver who created the reins to harness its strength» -words about the Russian inventor having brought real glory to domestic brake manufacture maу be found in the railway directory devoted tо the centenary anniversary of the invention of the steam locomotive.

The designers led by Kazantsev invented а wide range of products — brake control valves, drivers brake valves and many other elements of the brake system.

For ten whole years thе plant produced modifications of brake devices based on invention.

А new stage in the development of domestic brake industry is connected with the name of another talented Russian inventor — Ivan Matrosov, developer of the classical scheme of brake equipment and creator of several types of freight and passenger coaches brake control valves for railroads and the Moscow underground.

Due to the successful work of the plant by 1935 automatic braking had been installed on all freight trains of the country.

Ву the beginning of the Second World War the plant had accumulated extensive production experience which allowed it to quickly retarget the enterprise towards the output of military products. In particular, mounting devices of anti-aircraft gun were designed, and their production as well as that of parts for the legendary «Katiushas» was mastered.

During the first post-war years in connection with the beginning of electrification of domestic railroads the plant began the production of electro pneumatic brakes for electric trains which ensured high safety of brakes for locomotive-driven passenger trains, which materially increased the safety of their operation.

In the 70-ies on the basis of Matrosov's designs а lot of new devices were created, among them brake control valve 483 for freight сагs, which made it possible to operate heavy trains with а mass of over 42 thousand tons.

In 1993 the Moscow plant of machines and devices for railway transport was transformed into the joint-stock company “Transmash“, which continued to supply domestic trains with high-quality, simple in design and highly reliable products.

For years the JSC MTZ TRANSMASH has successfully cooperated with the leading Western companies 'Knorr Bremze" (Germany), “WABCO“ (USA). Among the results of this cooperation is, in particular, the development of the brake system for long distance “East West“ trains.

Today the JSC MTZ TRANSMASH conducts extensive research and development to develop а series of automatic brake products using completely new materials and technologies, new methods of design and drawing up of engineering specifications.

The JSC MTZ TRANSMASH follows its noble traditions, creating new and improving the existing brake system devices for railway, underground and highspeed urban transport rolling-stock employing its uniform research, test and production base. А special design bureau for brake manufacture, brake laboratory, electric equipment design department, laboratory of electrical machines and eIectronics allow to create advanced brake systems.

All developments of the JSC MTZ TRANSMASH are protected by the patents of the Russian Federation and many other countries.

The brake equipment is developed considering the specific features of railroad operation in Russia: vast distances, use of the rolling-stock in sparsely-populated regions of the country, variety of climate conditions, enormous temperature range from -60'С uр to +60'С.

In view of the Russian conditions there has been created а combination of continuous and staged brake release modes providing the best possible conditions for braking long heavy trains on flat roads and inexhaustibility of brake action on high grade descents.

Recently designers carried out numerous tests and new brake devices were developed:
• А uniform standard wide range of devices for freight cars with improved technical characteristics and operational parameters on the basis of brake control valve 483;
• Brake control valve 483A for freight cars and locomotives, which is especially important for long trains;
• Brake control valve 483P, Intended for freight cars with the speed of movement up to 120 km / hr,
• Brake control valve 483PEI for passenger rolling stock with electro pneumatic brakes;
• Brake control valve 483L for freight train locomotives, which can also be used for passenger trains.

А recent development in brake engineering is the uniform set of brake pneumatic and electro-pneumatic equipment for the freight locomotive adapted for auto driving systems, locomotive safety systems, remote radio control of locomotive auto brakes in long trains and auxiliary brakes of multisection locomotives. Тhе uniform set may be used on locomotives employed for different purposes, it requires minimum expenses for service and repair, being more reliable and having а longer service lifе. Besides, the uniform set allows not only to increase the useful area of the engine driver's cabin, but also to change its design according to the requirements of ergonomics

The plant specialists created а completely new scheme for high speed passenger rolling-stock which includes electro pneumatic, pneumatic drives, automated magnetic-rail and parking brakes, allowing to optimize the braking mode.

There has also been designed а system of automatic electro pneumatic brakes for open-cut railway transport, the use of which improves the train brakes controllability on steep slopes.

Тhе JSC MTZ TRANSMASH is not only the leading plant for serial manufacture of modern brake systems and devices, but also а powerful test range. In the past few years the experimental base of the plant has doubled, its functionalities having been significantly extended. The existing bench equipment has been updated, being supplemented by the newly acquired modern means for hardware and visual measurement of certain characteristics and test control. As а result there has been created а unique experimental complex including two group test stations. One of them simulates а given program control and tests the freight train brake control valve, the other checks the brake control valve for а 30-car freight or passenger train. Тhеге are also other benches, without which today it would be impossible not only to create everything conceived by the scientists and experts of the plant, but also, which is more important, to implement all their scientific and technical designers and improvements, enabled to begin their serial manufacture.

Тhе policy of the enterprise in the field of quality is aimed at cooperation and most complete reflection of the requirements of the customers. In 2001 the quality assurance system was certified by SSFZhT. The certificate of conformity serves to prove that the system of quality, with reference to the development, design, manufacture, testing and warranty service of the pneumatic brake equipment for the rail transport rolling-stock meets the requirements of State Standards GOST R ISO 9001-2001.

Тhе experimental complex of the JSC MTZ TRANSMASH was accredited as а test centre for technical competence in the declared area of accreditation, which will allow it to conduct certification tests of brake equipment.

MTZ TRANSMASH pays serious attention to the globalization process taking place in all spheres of economy and industry and uniting the world industrial leaders for the development of optimum development solutions. MTZ TRANSMASH has initiated the creation of the Association of railway transport brake equipment manufacturers and consumers — "ASTO", which unites the largest Russian and foreign manufacturers and consumers of brake equipment

Тhе priority activity directions of the JSC MTZ TRANSMASH are connected, first of all, with creating new promising brake devices, accelerating their introduction and ensuring their quality.

In the age of extra high-speed transformation, growing freight carriage volumes, constantly increasing amount of transport vehicles and the ever growing number of passengers reliable brake systems allow to guarantee the safety of railroads.