Modern metal products traditionally are carefully checked for strength and resistance to wear. Galvanizing is a time-tested technology, which includes bringing to the product thin layer of metal. This layer is a durable and long-life coating, protected the surface from the corrosion and wear. It should be noted that the galvanizing is used not only for practical purposes but also for decorating the surface. Depending on what metals are used and what purpose has the processing, there are various methods of galvanizing. For example, one of the galvanizing methods, chrome, is a saturation of the product surface with chromium. MTZ TRANSMASH provides the following types of galvanizing:

• Decorative cover
• Corrosion protection
• Copper plating
• Nickel plating
• Oxidation
• Tinning
• Chromium plating
• Zink plating

All these operations require special equipment and compliance with technical standards. MTS TRANSMASH Company has all the necessary production facilities and recourses that would ensure the reliability and quality of the work.