A workmanship competition

22 april 2011

At the 22nd of April there was a workmanship competition inter turners, millers and locksmiths, consecrated to 90th anniversary of domestic brake system building. This competition consisted of two stages: theoretic and practical. As winners were avowed:

Among turners:
1st place – Averin L.V
2nd place – Grachov E.V.
3rd place – Ozdonoev V.B

Among millers:
1st place – Liaskin D.U.
2nd place – Simonov A.A.
3rd place – Grigoriev A.P.

Among locksmiths:
1st place – Dedov A.A.
2nd place – Lalaev I.S.
3rd place – Smirnov A.B.

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